The Thread

Based on the medieval method of determining temperaments, I am a definitely a melancholy.  The personality of a melancholy is highly affected by the slightest changes in circumstances, environment, routines, sights, sounds, smells.  These changes can send our spirits soaring or plunge us into the deepest shadows. The driving desires of the melancholy are solitude, long periods of uninterrupted time for reflection and creativity, distance, even seclusion. Without these things, the melancholy feels anxious, stressed, weighed down. According to the medievals, the melancholy personality is also equated with the element of earth: cold and dark.  That got me thinking.  Is this perhaps why I am happiest during the winter with its long months of biting cold, extended hours of darkness, and relative isolation?   I literally feel giddy with joy at the prospect.  Contradictory? Perhaps.

There are times in life when the convergence of conversations, readings, and circumstances are hard to ignore.  Perhaps it is at these times when God is insisting that we take a closer look at the common threads.  For me, the recent convergence has revealed the common thread of the power of isolation to affect the lives of others.  Contradictory? Maybe not.  Hopefully over the next few weeks, I will be able to carve out some longed-for solitude to create an explanation of what I feel but cannot yet find the words to describe.


About pilgrimascending

I'm a wanderer far from home---one who both enjoys the journey and looks forward in anticipation to the great city, the ultimate destination. I seek to ascend the steep slope in song, blending my voice with the echoes of those who've traversed this path before me. Come, join me in singing the glory of both this life and the greater glory to come.
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2 Responses to The Thread

  1. l1bryant says:

    I think you are so right. I’m excited for your refueling season of winter. Thanks for helping us all connect some ‘threads.’

  2. Brenda says:

    I look forward to more from you on this subject. I am also a melancholy personality. I find myself struck by the apparent contradictions I must present to others as they observe me. I thrive on recharging my batteries by reading up in my room all alone at the end of the day, yet I love a house full of noise, activity and laughter from my wonderful husband and children…all of them together! I enjoy corporate prayer, but find my own times of prayer are alone and in a place that is conducive to reflection and quiet listening…”Be still and know that I am God,” has been one of my favorite verses since my youth.

    Fall and winter have always been my favorite seasons. As winter afternoons grow dark with the approach of dusk, I can feel the pull and the joy I anticipate when I finally climb into bed under warm covers (in a room kept cold) to read to my heart’s content.

    I do have so much more to give and share when I have these times of solitude and reflection.

    Love to read your blog!

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