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I'm a wanderer far from home---one who both enjoys the journey and looks forward in anticipation to the great city, the ultimate destination. I seek to ascend the steep slope in song, blending my voice with the echoes of those who've traversed this path before me. Come, join me in singing the glory of both this life and the greater glory to come.

Loving the Father: a Theme for Lent

For the past six months or so, I have been hanging out in the book of Luke.  Months back I picked up a commentary on Luke and decided to recover the familiar ground. Just after that, Luke became the text … Continue reading

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How Long?

Today, news broke about the beheading of 21 Christian men in Egypt.  It was video taped. Just another day of escalating violence against “the nation of the cross.”  It is shocking to most people, but it comes as no surprise … Continue reading

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Me Restitue, Part II

  Today we awoke to yet another glistening, snow-dusted morning.  A scheduled trip to Boston has been cancelled due to the storm, giving me the gift of a free day stretching out in front of me. With the luxurious gift … Continue reading

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Life is What Happens…

  We moved into “425” 18 months ago.  It was only a temporary place to be for a year while we built our new home. My thoughts about the house were little other than “that will do” while we make … Continue reading

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Generational Gratitude

← Me Restitue, Part I   Generational Gratitude Posted on November 26, 2013by pilgrimascending     Thanksgiving is in two short days.   The to-do lists of chopping, brining, cooking, decorating, and cleaning are lengthy.  Sitting down to devise my plan of attack this morning, I … Continue reading

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Me Restitue, Part I

Mē Restitue, Part I   After an Odyssean search for home, my husband David and I have embarked on another old house restoration project…our third.  Oh, here we are! We feel like us again. For ten years we lived in a … Continue reading

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Gray skies and blackened snow Hold the days in their icy grip. Seemingly barren earth carries Frozen within her womb The secret promise of life, Preparing to burst forth To lead the pageant of spring’s Triumphal re-entry. Undaunted by bitter … Continue reading

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Continuing the Thread

Darkness spreads its heavy velvet mantle early on winter evenings.  Blackening windows mirror the activity of life sheltered inside from the cold.  Inhabitants isolated inside move through their evening routines unaware that the light which illumines their mundane tasks engages … Continue reading

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Based on the medieval method of determining temperaments, I am a definitely a melancholy.  The personality of a melancholy is highly affected by the slightest changes in circumstances, environment, routines, sights, sounds, smells.  These changes can send our spirits soaring … Continue reading

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Building Our Legacy

One of the things in life that sets my heart aflutter is good architecture. When all the elements of good design come together in a structure, the effect is so satisfying. What makes one structure more aesthetically pleasing than another … Continue reading

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