Gray skies and blackened snow

Hold the days in their icy grip.

Seemingly barren earth carries

Frozen within her womb

The secret promise of life,

Preparing to burst forth

To lead the pageant of spring’s

Triumphal re-entry.

Undaunted by bitter blankets of white,

Courageous buds reach heavenward

Casting off the wintry death pall.

Tiny floral chalices

Robed in colors of royalty—

Kingly golds and purples,

Pure and virtuous whites—

Testify to the victory

Won for all creation

When her Sovereign broke forever

The chilling clasp of death.


About pilgrimascending

I'm a wanderer far from home---one who both enjoys the journey and looks forward in anticipation to the great city, the ultimate destination. I seek to ascend the steep slope in song, blending my voice with the echoes of those who've traversed this path before me. Come, join me in singing the glory of both this life and the greater glory to come.
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2 Responses to Crocuses

  1. You’re a cool mom, mom.

  2. l1bryant says:

    This is truly lovely Angel. Thanks for opening hearts with your words.

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